SYMMETRIX SOLUTIONS provides Cloud and Technology consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. SYMMETRIX works with you to clearly define your business and technology requirements to align the solution that is right for you. Cloud services are not a one-size fits all and should be tailored to your unique needs. Whether your needs are to reduce capital spending or have the ability to scale quickly, we can design a solution that can quickly achieve the outcome that you require. Cloud solutions should also align with your businesses strategic needs, which can be short or long term. We bring our business and technology expertise to map cloud computing to your overall business strategy. 

The SYMMETRIX methodology provides a reliable outcome that enables the business to adopt the right cloud architecture and roadmap. Our SYMMETRIX “Cloud Blueprint” will provide the detailed analysis and information that your business requires. The “Cloud Blueprint” delivers the following benefits:

  • Business requirements
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Migration and Implementation Strategy
  • Cloud Operating Support Model
  • Estimated Timeline
  • ROI/TCO Cost Estimates

SYMMETRIX analyzes various business and technology drivers to provide a complete strategy for cloud adoption. Considerations that need to be addressed include:

  • Are your applications cloud enabled or ready for deployment to the various cloud solutions?
  • What are your geographical needs of your applications or infrastructure services?
  • Does the business prefer to own or consume cloud services on-demand?
  • How quickly does the business need to be cloud enabled?

Understanding these complex questions should be the goal of every business before moving forward with a cloud strategy. While many providers focus on their version of cloud technology, organizations need to look at how those technologies may impact their business operations and strategy. SYMMETRIX helps bridge the gaps by understanding your business strategies, as well as the cloud technologies and services available. It’s our goal to create cloud strategies that enable the business at a pace and scale that is right for you. 
SYMMETRIX understands that the cloud can enable businesses in a revolutionary way; we also know that several organizational changes may be needed to extract the full potential of this new model. The SYMMETRIX “Cloud Blueprint” provides this information including operating functions, processes, roles and organizational structure. This allows the business to transform the way IT interacts and supports the business. IT becomes a strategic partner to the business by providing a more agile and high-performing organization that contributes to the businesses success. 

SYMMETRIX SOLUTIONS can help put your business on the right path to cloud enablement...