SYMMETRIX Application Management Platform manages and monitors your critical applications to ensure those applications are running smoothly. Your key customer-defined metrics and Service Level Agreements are clearly defined and reported to you on a real-time basis through our "SYMMETRIX View" of your applications.

Our focus is managing applications critical to the day to day success of your business. SYMMETRIX SOLUTIONS unique management methodology allows us to holistically monitor application performance accurately and consistently, giving you critical data that is relevant to your business.

Business applications can be very complex and difficult to manage effectively. Our ability to manage the application layer provides you true performance indication of all other infrastructure layers. This deep visibility into the operation of all your applications validates these processes and allows you to quickly pinpoint any underlying defects for root cause analysis of IT issues.

Application threshold monitoring alerts our Network Operation Center, in real -time, preventing outages and averting system performance degradation. Our goal is total visibility and management of critical business applications on a 24x7x365 basis.