SYMMETRIX SOLUTIONS provides Application consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. SYMMETRIX works with you to clearly define your business and application requirements to align the solution that will achieve your business outcomes, goals, and objectives. Application services are not a one-size fits all and should be tailored to your unique needs. Whether your needs are to reduce or eliminate legacy applications, strategically move application workload into cloud compute models, or the consideration of greenfield new or replacement application purchases, we can assist you with the analysis and planning necessary to achieve these goals. We will bring our business and application expertise to map out application initiatives & lifecycle management for your application portfolios and strategic roadmaps that will drive to your overall business strategy. 

The SYMMETRIX application consulting methodology provides a reliable outcome that enables the business to adopt the right application strategies and roadmaps. Our SYMMETRIX “Application Lifecycle Methodology” will provide the detailed analysis and information that your business requires. Oue Application Lifecycle Management services can deliver in the following areas:


Planning and RoadMap Discovery

  • Project & Program Management
  • Business Analysis (Needs Assessments)
  • Business & Technical Requirements Gathering
  • Application Solution Architecture
  • Application/Vendor product selection

Implementation Services (Customer Side)

  • Project & Program Management
  • Integration Analysis (Point-to-Point)
  • Data Flows/Data Mapping Analysis
  • Integration Execution (Ex. SQL Integrations, Dell Boomi, ReST API)

Application Technical Support Services

  • 7x24 Application Service & Threshold Monitoring, Alerting & Incident Management
  • Infrastructure & Database Configuration Management
  • Vendor Technical Support Liaison for vendor required infrastructure changes

Application Feature/Function Support Services

  • 7x24 Service Desk Application Feature/Function Support
  • Application Layer Configuration Management
  • Ad-hoc Reporting and data request fulfillment
  • Feature/Function Change Management (non-code based)
  • Charge-out model Flexibility
    • Fixed fee based on BU/Company counts
    • End User or Module count based
    • Support hours coverage based on Business needs
  • Vendor Functional Support Liaison for Application Layer Bug Fixes, Patches & Upgrades


When you engage SYMMETRIX application consulting services, we analyze various business and technology drivers to provide a complete strategy for application portfolio management. Considerations that need to be addressed include:

  • Application inventory accuracy & completeness – do you know where all your apps are running, and which business unit uses them? Due to recent M&A activities, have you inherited applications you don’t know anything about or what they cost to run & support?
  • Cloud versus on-premise – which applications in your portfolio are fit for purpose to run from dynamic and flexible public cloud models? What are the unique Security, performance, and access requirements of the application that define the infrastructure needed to run the application and have it performing and available per your requirements?
  • Supportability and maintainability – tired of having to patch or upgrade applications every time the product vendor has a new release? What resources are needed to support the application, and do you have the right resources in the right time zones?  Does your product vendor have a SaaS model that could work for you where they pay for the compute and human resources needed for application upgrades and maintenance cycles?
  • Application Integration Impacts – rarely does an application live and run by itself without needing to pass data upstream or downstream from it. What are the recognized data store single sources of data truth at your company? Are all application integrations done from a standard platform or model or does each application use its own legacy method for data integration? Is data treated as one of the company’s most important assets?  If so, then how do you secure it, cleans it, store it, archive it, and allow access to it by the right users?


Symmetrix efforts to build and/or manage an application portfolio is driven by asking the right questions and gathering the right insights from the data. We start by thoroughly understanding your business model and business processes to identify how information flows through your organization, what events triggers decisions, and what metrics define the success criteria of the business. We identify metrics by analyzing the strategic drivers and lead indicators for your business, determine business questions to ask of the data related to planning, budgeting, controlling, selection, management, and improving business application performance. Finally, we design the functional and technical solution, required data integrations, and the scorecard/dashboards and reports for your business applications that will achieve the business values and goals you set out to achieve!


SYMMETRIX SOLUTIONS can help put your business on the right path to application strategic roadmap & portfolio management…